UMARMY Mission Trips

***U.M.ARMY 2016 will be traveling to Maine***

U.M.ARMY stands for United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth. Those who participate in this week-long mission trip travel to the host church where a U.M.ARMY camp is being held, and stay there for the week. Each day, teams of youth and adults help those in need by doing lawn work, small home repairs, and making some homes more accessible by building wheelchair ramps. Each day begins and ends with a worship service, and participants are encouraged to deepen their relationship with Christ. Clients are members of the local community of the host church and surrounding towns, who are unable to do the repairs and work on their homes.

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2013 Recap from Alyssa Wood

Our trip to UMARMY was one of the best trips we’ve been on (even though it was during the hottest week of the year). Although it was a smaller camp, everyone still worked together to finish each project. We traveled to the Scotia United Methodist church in Newburgh, New York. We left Sunday July 13th and settled in for the week. In addition to our team of eight, there were groups from Chelmsford Massachusetts, and Milford and Westport Connecticut. It was great to see friends we had worked with before and to meet new people.

We worked on many different projects throughout the week. Some people painted decks and outside walls, while others did weeding and other yard work. Some groups took an entire week to finish projects such as putting up a vinyl fence and building a ramp. My team worked on smaller construction projects throughout the week. I had the chance to use a circular saw to cut wood and sheetrock, and used a power drill for replacing boards on a deck.

An important part of UMARMY is building relationships with the people we are helping. My group helped a woman who is young at heart named Pam. Her home had gone into disrepair because she lived alone and couldn’t do the work on the house because of her medical issues. She told us about all of her children and grandchildren, saying how proud she was of each and every one of them. She ate lunch with us every day, and she told us how she would love to move to Florida for the warmer climate. She told us that she would never move though, because she loved all of her neighbors and she would miss talking to them. We were glad we were able to help her and make her home a safer place.

Many of the clients came to our annual client night dinner on Thursday. They were able to tell us how grateful they were for the work that we did. We were all reluctant go home on Saturday because we didn’t want to leave our clients and our new friends.